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See the attached file.

  1. Answer the following:
    • Identify three or four services from the video lecture that might assist this family.
    • Explain your service choices and identify if these services are formal or informal.

SW 210
Case Scenario 1
The Fulmer Case: Amanda, Jocelyn, Carl & Jonathon

Father: David Fulmer, age 26, African-American

Mother: Karen Fulmer, age 26, African-American

Children: Amanda Fulmer, age 8, African-American

Jocelyn Fulmer, age 6, African-American

Carl Fulmer, age 5, African-American

Jonathon Fulmer, age 4, African-American


Paternal Grandfather: Asa James, age 46, African-American, left Janet 20 years ago, current whereabouts unknown

Paternal Grandmother: Janet Fulmer, age 41, African-American, mother of David and Latanya

Paternal Stepfather: John Fulmer, age 41, African-American, stepfather of David and Latanya, separated from Janet Fulmer for 12 years

Children: Michael Fulmer, age 12, African-American, son of Janet and John Fulmer

David’s Sister Latanya Fulmer, age 23, African-American


Former boyfriend of Janet Fulmer: Kenneth Jones, age 45, African-American

Presenting Situation:

One month ago, a report was made to DHR by Mr. Kenneth Jones, who said that Karen Fulmer was living in a home with four young children. The children were sometimes alone and their mother was using crack cocaine. Her husband had not been around for several months. The home had no utilities or running water.

When the DHR worker arrived at the home, the children were alone. Amanda explained that her mother had left the night before and had not returned. Amanda gave the DHR worker their grandmother’s phone number. The worker called Janet Fulmer who asked that the children be brought to her home, several miles away. The worker contacted the police and the decision was made to place the children in Janet Fulmer’s home. Ms. Fulmer was in agreement for the children to stay with her.

The worker talked with Janet and observed her home.

The worker learned that David, the children’s father, is incarcerated for drug use and distribution. The worker sent a letter to David to explain that the children had been placed with his mother. The worker went to Karen’s home several times but was unable to locate her. The worker sent a letter to her which was returned to DHR. The worker learned that Karen’s landlord had evicted her after the children were removed and no forwarding address was given. Karen began getting TANF when her husband was incarcerated but had not paid her rent in several months.

Current Situation (One month after the report to DHR):

The children continue to live at their grandmother’s house and DHR has begun the process of licensing Janet Fulmer as a foster care provider.

DHR has not been able to contact their mother, although it is known that she occasionally visits the children. She has not told her mother-in-law (Janet) where

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