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Newsletter Introduction

This week you are producing your last newsletter. As a reminder, your newsletter should cover the content discussed in this assignment. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide advice for health care leaders on how to apply the skills and concepts to similar scenarios that arise in the workplace. For each part of the assignment,

· Create an article that addresses each prompt.

· Frame your articles as if you are writing to leaders in your organization.

· Review the Writing Center resource 

Considering Audience

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 for information on how to do this.

· You can create a newsletter using a tool or your choosing, such as Canvas, or use the 

Newsletter Template

 Download Newsletter Template

· You can also add images or figures that are formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center’s resource 

Table, Images, and Appendices

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· You can find images from the websites: 


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· These websites provide free images without attribution or commercial or non-commercial licenses. However, it is important to follow all copyright laws. You can find information on these laws by visiting the webpages 

Copyright Basics

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What is Copyright?

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For the assignment, you must use a minimum of three to four scholarly or credible sources that are formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center. You can learn more by reviewing the resources 

Formatting Your References List

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APA: Citing Within Yo

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