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In this activity, you will complete the Module Three problem set using TeXstudio in Codio’s virtual desktop.


To complete this problem set:

1. 1. Navigate to the Codio module in Brightspace. Use the Google Chrome browser.
2. Click on 
Module Three Problem Set (activity 3-4) to launch Codio’s virtual desktop.
3. Click 
Start TeXstudio and 
Run TeXstudio.
4. Once TeXstudio loads, click 
File, Open, and click the 
workspace folder. Click 
Open. Click 
module3_assignment.tex, and click 
5. Click the 
Build & View icon to compile the code and generate a PDF.
6. Complete each portion of the template. Type your solutions into the document using TeXstudio, and click 
Build & View each time to recompile. Note: Be sure to show all steps for arriving at your solution. Just giving a final number may not receive full credit.
7. Export your work as a PDF file and upload it within Brightspace.

Guidelines for Submission

Use the embedded problem set template in TeXstudio as the starting point for your solution. Complete each portion of the template and then export your work as a PDF file. For more information on working within Codio and TeXstudio, see the 




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