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Writing Assignment #4
Report to Your Supervisor

Summary of the Assignment:
• Task: In this assignment, you will write a short report to the owner of a company to which you

have just been hired.

• Length: 1200-1500 words, single-spaced

• Graphics: You must integrate at least one graphic

• Sources: You will integrate at least three sources into the report.

The Situation and Your Role In It
You have been hired for the position of Manager for Customer Service at Lawn and Order Services, a

landscaping company.

Lawn and Order maintains a robust business in landscaping both residential and business properties. The

company has many clients in the local DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area.

The landscaping staff that services residential and business properties comprises 75 individuals. In

addition, the company has several staff working in its office in Landover, Maryland. Included among

these office staff members is the IT Department, which consists of 10 employees.

The growth of the company has led to some problems that concern you as a new employee.

The History of Lawn and Order Services

Some history on the company will help to explain the problems Lawn and Order has now.

Lawn and Order started off in 2010 as a small outfit, owned and operated by Chris Taylor. Chris grew up

in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He graduated from high school and took a few courses at a local

community college. He never graduated from the community college but instead, after completing 18

credits, decided to leave school to start a landscaping business.

Chris started off the business with one truck, three lawn mowers, and a few helpers. He operated the

business out of his house. Eventually, as the number of clients grew, so did the number of trucks, lawn

mowers, and pieces of equipment. He added new employees to assist with the landscaping.

Chris eventually leased office space in Landover in order to have a more professional and scalable base

from which to operate the company. In addition, as the company grew and its office staff grew, so did the

technology and IT needs.

For the IT needs of the company, Chris took several steps. He hired a web developer, Sandra Davidson,

to develop a website for Lawn and Order. Sandra used WordPress as the platform. Chris later hired Jack

Johnson to develop and maintain a database of customers, past and present. The database includes

personal information on the customers, such as physical addresses, email addresses, and, for some, credit

card information.

Eventually, Chris hired a few more IT employees, all of whom persuaded Chris to put the company’s

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