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Interest Rates Changes and Property Ownership



Changes in Interest Rates and the Influence on Renting and Buying Properties

Sociology Concepts and their Applications

Different sociological concepts deal with the understanding of human behavior

and the whole society. It is applied to understanding social and human cognition. The

unit of sociology analysis ranges from the individual level to a large group of persons.

Sociology is divided into structural functionalism, conflict perspective, and symbolic

interactionism (Johnson, 2022).

According to structural functionalism, society is viewed as a vast network of

interconnected pieces that function harmoniously. This strategy emphasizes the

significance of the social structure or any generally consistent social activity pattern.

Second, this method considers how any structure affects society as a whole and how

any social pattern affects that operation (Dillon, 2020). For example, the changes in

interest rates affect society in terms of buying or renting properties.

Interest Rates Changes and Property Ownership

Symbolic interactionism is seen as a micro-level strategy or individual strategy. In

symbolic interaction, society is seen as a drama or ongoing event that is constantly


This method places a lot of emphasis on using symbols to communicate and exchange

ideas. According to this theory, society consists solely of the reality that individuals

create for themselves via their interactions with one another (Dillon, 2020). For

example, when you hear the word dog, your brain brings a picture of a four-legged


Last but not least, the conflict method is regarded as a macro-level strategy that

emphasizes inequity. In society, resources are distributed inequitably so that a minority

benefits at the expense of the majority. Conflict arises in a community due to the

unequal distribution of wanted resources. Those with the means create systems and

procedures to preserve these resources. This perspective sees society as being

constantly at war because those who lack resources are constantly coming up with new

ways to acquire them (Dillon, 2020). For example, employer always wish to pays as little

as possible for labor, while the employe wish to maximize their salaries.

Changes in Interest Rates

Lending money comes with a fees called an interest rate. Alternately, it might be

the payment for the risks and services involved in lending money. The situations


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