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Due Sunday Sept 18 @ 9am EDT

***Follow instructions as indicated!!! Read carefully!!

Due date: Sunday, September 18 at 9am EDT
Here’s the article:

Once you have read the article you need to:

Post at least 5 original comments (50 words each) and at least 3 peer response comments (50 words each).

Your original comments should do one or more of the following:

• Comment on how a particular part of the text connects to another part of the text, the other text, or to
a textbook chapter.

• Comment on a particular part of the text that you find especially interesting and explain what you
find interesting about these ideas.

• Ask a question related to a particular part of the text that you want your peers to respond to, perhaps
because you think this is an interesting part and you’re interested in other’s thoughts or because you
want some clarification.

• Make a connection between the text and recurring themes we are addressing in the course, especially
if the text changes or gives you new insights into these themes.

• Make a connection between a particular passage from the text and your own experiences. These
experiences might be cultural, personal, academic, professional, or something else.

*Somehow, I need to see what part of the text in the article you are commenting on.
i.e., screen shot of highlighted area or copy and paste the sentence/paragraph you are commenting on. If I
don’t see this, I will mark your work zero.

Your peer response comments should do one or more of the following:

• Add to what your peer has posted, building on their ideas by offering additional insights or

• Describe whether you agree or (respectfully!) disagree with what your peer posted, making sure to
provide explanation for your opinions.

• Comment on how your peer has presented an idea that you did not originally consider and the ways
in which their comment has impacted your understanding.

• Ask your peer a question in response to their comment, perhaps inviting them to consider an
additional perspective or explain more about their ideas.

• Present an alternate perspective than what your peer presented, making sure to provide explanation
to support your thoughts.

Below are the peer comments. Respond to only 3 of these:

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