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· Review your classmates’ post and respond. In your response, discuss what you like about their method, whether or not you think you would implement this method, and a recommendation to improve or make the method different.


Meeting #1: Licensing will be here to review our records to ensure that our check-in and check-out records are accurate.

I chose the following: check-in and check-out records, current rosters, and daily logs.  I chose the current roster because it is a list of the current children enrolled, this will be useful in comparing it to the daily check-ins and check-outs.  I chose the check-ins and outs because that’s the way the teacher keeps track of attendance.  Finally, I chose daily logs also contain information about children’s attendance.  I feel between these three documents, licensing will get a great picture of the programs accuracy in record keeping.

Meeting #2: Liam’s parents will be in to discuss his behavior. They have been noticing that he has become quite angry at home, and they are sure that something is happening at school to warrant this behavior.

            For Liam’s meeting I chose the following: anecdotal notes, the daily behavior log, and the incident reports.  I chose the anecdotal notes because that is where a lot of social emotional documentation can be found.  This will contain behaviors, interactions, ability to attend, and so on.  This could also help the teacher and parent identify any possible patterns in his behaviors.  Next, I chose the daily behavior log because this contains specific incidences and behaviors observed, it may also tell a possible precursor to the behaviors.  Lastly, I chose to pull the incident reports, these not only serve as accident reports when the child may have been injured, but they are also used to explain the child hurting another or becoming violent and so forth.  These three documents together should create a clear picture of what has been occurring in the classroom.

Meeting #3: Licensing will also be verifying any child injuries that have taken place in your learning environment. They have had a report from a parent stating that their child was hurt at school, and they were not notified.

            For the licensing concerning injuries to children, I would select the incident reports, doctors’ notes, and anecdotal notes.  I chose to pull the incident reports as they are dated and tell what occurred, when, where, and what injuries occurred.  Next, I pulled the doctors notes this way they can all be viewed to see if maybe the child’s doctors’ notes contain any information concerning injury.  Finally, I pulled the anecdotal notes because this contains notes on each child concerning all areas of development and may be helpful in solving the parent mystery.

Meeting #4: The lead teacher that your students will transition to in the fall will be meeting with you to

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