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Assessment Plan

Norm Referenced Data Table

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate knowledge of basic statistical calculations and how to interpret student data for student improvement. Use the Class Data Table example along with scoring to assist you.

Create a table like the example attached that shows results for a class of 10 students, use pretend scores for each student. Continue to use the same Unit of Study form and assessment plan below. Calculate mean, standard deviation, percentile rank, and Z scores for a class set of data.Write a score report for one student in the class. The report should indicate percentile rank and Z score for each objective assessed throughout the unit as well as for the unit as a whole. Strengths and areas of improvement need to be identified along with resources that may help the student improve.

Unit Title: Assessment Plan week of August 29-September 2

Standard 2:1.2.PC.1

Students will correctly form letters and use appropriate spacing for letters, words, and sentences using left-to-right and top-to-bottom progression.


With comprehension progress, students will be able to write a complete sentence with punctuation and capital letters from left to right.


The students will use decoding and word recognition skills to form letters correctly and understand the development of the concept between spacing and using proper hand position.

Student-centered objective

Students will be able to identify the basics of the story. Students will share ideas about what they have read, heard, or viewed. They use comprehension strategies.

Performance-centered objective-

The students will demonstrate their understanding of Organization and basic print features by studying five samples presented and identifying at least two.

Content-oriented objective

Students will develop foundational skills for reading and writing proficiency by working with sounds, letters, and text. The students will identify the parts of spoken words in ten different ways.

Diagnostic Assessment

Students will demonstrate what they know by using lined sheets of paper to make sentences and forming words together correctly in spacing in small groups.



Lesson 1:

Students will decode and read words in context and isolation by applying phonics and word analysis skills, starting with how to write the words.

Class data table along with calculated norm referenced scores (20 points, consistent with calculations)


Objective 1

Objective 2

Objective 3

Summative assessment

Performance assessment

Unit Grade

Percentile Rank

Z score













Provide at least one sample calculation for each required calculation, (20 points, 5 points each)

Sample mean calculation (Appendix F):

Sample standard deviation calculation (Appendix F):

Sample percentile rank calculation (Appendix F):


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