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Module 7

In this module, you will complete a full assessment of your own community (
I live in Johns Creek which is in Fulton county, Georgia). You may build upon this assessment in Community Health II by planning, implementing and evaluating a project within your community designed to address primary prevention of an identified health concern.

Please log and account your activities for 14 hours. For ex: 4 hours –“I was talking with the community people” – just come up with something.

Module 8

Assignment Description:

Your submission should be a minimum of 2000 words (maximum 2500 words) in length and should completely answer the proposed questions/items as listed under. You should have a minimum of four (4) references. APA formatting is required and all responses should be combined into a single document for submission. Use the rubric as a guide for the evaluation method of the project.

Practice hours relate to time spent on activities for your Community Assessment. You should have 12 hours logged and accounted for. Ensure all hours are accounted for correctly in order to meet these requirements.

I live in Johns Creek which is in Fulton county, Georgia.

Include an introduction and conclusion

Defining the Community

Your community can be any geographically defined county, city, or town. Clearly delineate the following dimensions before starting the process of community assessment:

· Describe the population that is being assessed?

· What is/are the race(s) of this population within the community? –
Predominantly African American.

· Are there boundaries of this group? If so, what are they?

· Does this community exist within a certain city or county?

· Are there general characteristics that separate this group from others?

· Education levels, birth/death rates, age of deaths, insured/uninsured?

· Where is this group located geographically…? Urban/rural?

· Why is a community assessment being performed? What purpose will it serve?

· How will information for the community assessment be collected?


After the community has been defined, the next phase is assessment. The following items describe several resources and methods that can be used to gather and generate data. These items serve as a starting point for data collection. This is not an all-inclusive list of resources and methods that may be used when a community assessment is conducted.

The time frame for completion of the assessment may influence which methods are used. Nonetheless, these items should be reviewed to determine what information will be useful to collect about the community that is b

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