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Due Date: 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday of Unit 3
Points: 100


One of the goals of using proper systematic methodology when examining a fire scene is to allow it to
hold up to scrutiny during any judicial proceedings. Precedent setting court cases set the example for
what is considered “proper” conduct. One of the landmark cases in the field of Fire Investigation is
“Michigan v Tyler” which was decided in 1978.


ï‚· Read the supreme court case, Michigan v. Tyler, in the Readings and Resources section.
ï‚· Discuss:

o This case is testing the limits of constitutional rights under the fourth amendment. What is

the fourth amendment and, in this case, how does it apply to the fire investigator?
o What are three different legal ways that a fire investigator can enter a scene to collect

evidence? Provide examples of each.
o Do you feel the initial entry into the scene after the fire was legal and appropriate? What

about the return the next morning?
o Imagine you could go back in time and work with Chief See and Detective Webb on this

investigation. As a group, what would you recommend you do differently?


ï‚· Minimum three pages in length, excluding the Title and Reference page.
ï‚· APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works.
ï‚· At least two resources.

Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after
you write.

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Fire Investigation

and the Judiciary

CRJ344 – Fire & Arson


Evaluation Rubric for Fire Investigation and the Judiciary Assignment

CRITERIA Deficient Needs

Proficient Exemplary

(0-38 points) (39-51 points) (52-64 points) (65 points)
Content Does not cover

the assigned
topic; assertions
are not supported
by evidence;
paper is seriously
lacking in content
and detail.

Does not do an
adequate job of
covering the
assigned topic;
assertions are
weakly supported
by evidence.

coverage of the
topics; most
assertions are
supported by

Provides in-depth
coverage of the
topics, assertions
are clearly
supported by

(0-5 points) (6-7 points) (8-9 points) (10 points)
Resources No resources

Includes at least 1

Includes at least 2

Includes more
than 2 resources.

Paper Length Less than one
page. Does not
meet page

Does not meet the
minimum page

Meets the

Exceeds the

(0-8 points) (9-11 points) (12-14 points) (15 points)
Clear and
Writing and APA

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