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Last updated March, 2014

Rubric for Written Communication Skills

Learning Goal

Our graduates will be able to explain economic analysis in ways appropriate for a range of stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

Research, plan and produce written assignments meeting academic and professional standards.

Construct clear and well-presented analysis of economic issues and problems.

Trait Exemplary (E) Satisfactory (S) Unsatisfactory (U) E/S/U

Structure and style
paragraph and
sentence structure,
flow and layout,
appropriate to task.

Thoughtful document
structure and style. Well
considered sentence
construction; logical flow;
well executed presentation
and style appropriate for
task and audience.

Document design and
presentation adequate;
not overly repetitive;
some variety in
sentence construction;
generally flows well;
style conventions
appropriate for task
and audience.

Overall presentation of
the document is not to
a professional
standard; repetitive or
simplistic sentence
structure; disjointed,
lack of flow; style
inappropriate for
audience and task.

Clarity and
Answers the
question, succinct,

Argument effectively and
efficiently conveyed;
focused on the question;
main points, argument and
conclusions/insights easily

Argument reasonably
clear; occasionally
misses the point but
answers the question;
not over-elaborate or

Main points and/or
Irrelevant information,
poor transition
between ideas.
Conclusion unclear.

Technical writing
grammar, general

Very few spelling errors,
correct punctuation,
grammatically correct,
complete sentences.

Occasional lapses in
spelling, punctuation,
grammar, but not
enough to seriously
distract the reader.

Numerous spelling
errors, incorrect
punctuation, and/or
severe errors in
grammar that interfere
with understanding.

Originality, breadth,

Highly appropriate, well
chosen, precise and varied
vocabulary. Consistently
uses correct words and
terminology appropriately.

Generally appropriate
vocabulary; not overly
repetitive. Generally
uses correct words and

Excessively limited or
inappropriate or
repetitive vocabulary.
Misuses discipline-
specific terminology.

Referencing Sources acknowledged;
uses appropriate1
referencing system
consistently and correctly.

Sources acknowledged;
generally uses
referencing system

Does not attempt to
use APA (or accepted

MMPA508 Trimester 2, 2022 Assignment 2

Marking scheme

For each of the monetary policy assessment options, each element will be marked on a 10-point scale, and will

be given the weight shown below (total 100%).

Option/component Marks Weight:

Q1 10 30%

Q2 10 30%

Q3 10 30%

Written communication 10 5%

Holistic judgement 10 5%

For written communication components of the assessment (including Structure and style; Clarity and

conciseness; Technical writing skills; Vocabulary; Referencing and Academic Integrity), see the Rubric for Written

Communication Skills.

MMPA508 Assignment 2

Due: 4:00pm, Thursday, 12 October 2022


With reference to the policy assessments accompanying the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ)

Monetary Policy Statements (posted on Blackboard along with this assignment specification),1 analyse

the determinants of economic growth, the linkages between macroeconomic variables and the role of

monetary policy in affecting macroeconomic performance.


Produce a short report with your answers to the questions for either Option A or Option B on the

following page. Ensure all source material is appropriately referenced using the APA conventions.2


Your report should be, at most, 1,500 words (around 5-7 pages, double space, 12 pt, Times New Roman

font) plus diagrams/graphs. A margin of 10% is allowed over the word limit. Above that, marks will be

deducted at a rate of 5% of the assignment mark per 125 words up to 10%. Work above this margin will

not be marked.

Marking criteria

The assignment will be marked on how well you answer the questions and your written communication

(see the Written Communication Skills rubric posted with this assignment).

A good report will be well structured, with a high standard of written English, well proofread, and

properly referenced according to APA conventions.


You should submit, by the assignment deadline, an electronic copy of your assignment via Turnitin on

Blackboard. The link can be found under the Assignments tab.

Name your file in the following way: MMPA508_A2_StudentID Firstname Surname. Include your

student ID number in the document itself.

Proportion of final grade

Grade weight: 12.5%. Up to 10% of the assignment marks may be deducted for failure to write

acceptable English, proofread, or to adhere to APA conventions of referencing.


ï‚· Policy assessment 1 (23 February 2022)

ï‚· Policy assessment 2 (17 August 2022)

2 See, for example:

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