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1.  In analyzing the needs of the workforce, work-life balance is high on the list of issues facing both employers and employees. Balance between work and home lives is sought but rarely happens for long because of work-family conflict. This conflict is also linked with some other bad consequences such as stress; absenteeism; burnout; and dissatisfaction with job, family, and life—all of which can lead to excessive job turnover and the breakup of families. Explain one step that you believe employers could take to assist employees in having a healthy work-life balance. 

2.  How can the information you learned in this Human research management course be applied to your life and/or work to increase your future success? 

3.  Recall the data integration scenario around the Internet of Things (IoT) medical devices at the beginning of the chapter. As the manager of this project, would you approve the decision to use an offshore contractor to outsource the development of this? Why, or why not? 

4.  Identify a skill or knowledge that you would learn in an information systems course, and explain how you can apply it to increase success in your career in a real-world scenario. 

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