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A mathematical proof is an argument that convinces other people that something is true. In mathematical logic, “likely to be true” is not good enough. We try to prove things beyond any doubt at all.

In your initial post, address the following:

· Compare proof by contradiction and proof by contrapositive and provide an example of one or the other.

discuss the following:

· Is the proof well-written and logically clear and correct?

· Explain how the type of proof that was not chosen could or could not be used for the same example.

Note: To use LaTeX within the discussion, use the equation editor. For your LaTeX to show up inline, enclose it with
. If you would like to enter a LaTeX item in your Brightspace discussion post, look on the menu bar for your post between the subject and text areas, click on the 
 icon, and choose 
LaTeX equation. If you cannot see the 
 icon, click on the three dots at the extreme right of the menu bar (to the right of 
Font Family, Font Size, etc.) to show all of the icons.



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