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Requirements: 3 pages

Assignment #2 – Cryptography

Cryptography makes up a large part of our technological lives, and in some cases, we never realize that
cryptography is working. Do you have a PIN number on your iPhone? The drive is encrypted! Do
you use Bitlocker or Cryptdata on your Operating System? Your drive is encrypted! Do you visit most
websites? Well most use HTTP Secure via SSL/TLS! Do you use an email service like ProtonMail?
Your emails are encrypted… and in all of these cases, you never really interact with the cryptography.
Instead, it just happens in the background.

What will we do?
Below are a few cryptographic tasks to make sure you’re familiar with various methods of
cryptography – from simple ciphers to RSA!

1) Caesar’s Cipher

2) Create your own Cryptography using a Substitution Cipher. Include your SHORT plaintext, the
substitution key, along with the cipher text! Please provide Excel or source code if you decide to
implement this in a programming language or Excel.

3) Encrypt this number (base 10) using the Public key. (All numbers in base 10 to make it easier).

M = 108

n = 7387
e = 4

4) You received this cipher text message (Base 10) which is supposed to have been encrypted using
your public key. Decrypt the message using the following Private key. (All numbers in base 10 to
make it easier).

C = 6342

n = 7387
d = 4811

5) Use the following online tool to decrypt an AES 128 ciphertext (base64) using the ECB encryption
cipher with a 128 bit key, also given below (Base64 ciphertext).


(Base64 Cipher Text using ECB cipher scheme):


Provide the PLAINTEXT output (not Base64).

Why are we doing this?
Understanding the basics of Cryptography can help in ensuring that you and your companies stay safe
from potential attacks! Using encryption on especially sensitive information is extremely important,
and understanding the basics of some of the existing cryptographic methods can help you make more

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