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ADCN 608

Community Impact Project: Background Assignment Instructions


The community impact project is meant to help the student explore his/her community and determine what behavioral addiction is most prevalent in the area. The area can include the student’s immediate locale, region, or state. The community impact project will be completed in four parts.


After receiving approval from the professor to move forward with the chosen topic by way of the graded topic assignment, the student will provide a brief background of the identified problem. In this background the student will need to address the following points: Why was this topic chosen? What are the relevant facts concerning the chosen topic (epidemiology, prevalence, characteristics, and prognosis)? Why does this topic need to be addressed in this particular community, region, or state? What attempts have been made by the community, region, or state to address this problem?

Please see below for additional assignment requirements:

· This assignment should be 3–5 pages of content.

· Please include a cover page, abstract, and reference page (these items do not count in the page count listed above).

· Utilize APA formatting.

Include at least 5 scholarly resources.

· Acceptable sources include scholarly articles and textbooks. Please note that the textbook for this class can be used to support your statements, but will not be counted toward the resource requirements.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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