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Assignment 2 Guidelines

Answer only five questions From the Discussion Scroll [not ten]

Q. 1. Discuss the role of the Northern and Southern gates in facilitating the “Out of
Africa”journey. To answer fully question 1 read carefully page 70 in the textbook and
paraphrase your essay and write a coherent analysis on how Africans left first thru the
Northern Gate about 120,000 years ago; describe in detail what happened to them.
Secondly, describe the Second out of Africa Journey, the year and the places, and
arrival of destination. Give evidence and discuss in detail the different between Homo
erectus and Homo sapiens. Use J. Desmond Clark, a distinguished anthropologist in the
field of pre-history of Africa, to help you document chronologically the
paleo-anthropologist’s Radiocarbon [c-14] dating system. Write your closing remark and
your understanding of Africa as the home of humankind.

Q.2. Identify: a) Homo habilus; b) Homo erectus; c) Neanderthal; d) Homo sapiens.
To answer this fully read the textbook [ pages 72-71]; compare Homo erectus and Homo
sapiens; discuss in great detail the DNA of Neanderthal and Homo sapiens and explain
their difference; write why this species called Neanderthal and why finally vanished and
became instinct; write your closing remark on the scientific DNA of Neanderthal
conducted by Mathias Krings.

Q.3. Define the mtDNA and the Y-Chromosomes
To answer this question fully read the quote in the opening remark of the chapter. Read
about the Pre-historic Period –the Origin of Humanity on pages 70-74. Write your
closing remark on Stephen Oppenheimer’s observations of modern man.

Q. 4. Discuss the monogenetic theory and the multiregional hypothesis. To answer this
question fully read pages 72-75 carefully and discuss briefly why some
anthropologists, like Milford Wolpoff and Charles Dawson tried to falsified scientific
evidence and deny the existence of one single human race. Write your closing remark
about the origin of our humanity.

Q.5. Discuss the concept of “Divine Beginning” as opposed to evolution.
Read pages 75-76 and discuss fully the creation of the universe and the living
organism. Write your closing remark on the “Divine Beginning” or other legitimate
scientific inquiry on the
question of creation/evolution.

Africa is the only continent where Homo sapiens came out to populate the globe;
because of this Africa is considered as the “Cradle of Humanity.” Student’s will study
and understand themono genetic nature of humanity–there is only one human race.

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