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· Assignment Description

· American Literature

· Due by 9/15

· 9/15/22 @12noon. 7 pages. Introduction and closing paragraphs

For this assignment, develop an action plan that includes two goals for each content area identified in the previous assignment, at least two objectives related to each goal, and metrics used to evaluate the effectiveness and achievement of each goal. Learners use the principles related to developing SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-limited) goals and objectives. It is important when designing goals and objectives, to consider leadership and technological changes that are occurring in the profession of social work.

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, develop your action plan specifically to improve upon your leadership and supervisory skills. 

Begin your work for this assignment by reflecting on the previous assignment where you reviewed the text, articles, and additional resources, and used several NASW resources to develop your model of best practices in social work supervision and leadership skills with a theoretical foundation. You then completed a self-reflection of your strengths and areas for development in these content areas:

· Developing effective organizational and interpersonal communication skills.

· Managing time and tasks effectively.

· Managing different personalities and conflicts.

· Hiring, performance evaluation, disciplinary action, and termination.

· Maintaining ethics, confidentiality, and liability.

· Practicing professional development, self-care, personal reflection, and self-correction.

· Developing and managing an effective culturally competent practice including organizational culture and environment.

· Being a collaborative leader in training supervisees in the effective use of technology. 

Section 1

Create an evidence-based action plan.

· Use the eight categories identified above as subheadings in Section 1 of your paper. 

9. To aid in your development of this assignment, use the multimedia piece on SMART goals from this unit’s study activity, as well as your text, course readings, new articles you have reviewed, and other internet resources including (but not limited to) NASW Best Practice Standards for Social Work Supervision, the NASW, ASWB, CSWE & CSWA Standards for Technology in Social Work, and the NASW Code of Ethics. These resources will be helpful as you complete your assignment.

Apply critical thinking in the development of goals, objectives, and metrics for each content area, including leadership and technological change in advanced generalist practice.

4. Under each subheading, you create:

10. Two SMART goals for each content area in the Unit 8 assignment, and also listed in this activity.

10. Identify at least two SMART objectives to aid your achieve

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