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Research: Research Design Assignment Instructions


This is the first assignment in your Research Project. The purpose is to scaffold the process of designing and conducting a research study. In this first phase, you will submit a research proposal and survey by completing this form. Your instructor will review this form and provide feedback to let you know if you are approved to collect data using the survey submitted as part of this assignment (you should create your survey at the end of this document).


Be sure you have reviewed this module’s assigned readings and presentations before completing this assignment. Of most relevance is the
Research Project Overview and
Research Project Survey Instructions documents in this week’s Learn section. This assignment is worth 40 points: 36 points for content and 4 points based on format. Each question is worth 2 content points. Format is for completing answers within the assigned sections and for proper format of the survey. Note that until the survey is approved by your instructor you cannot move forward with the future assignments associated with the Research Project. Turning in this assignment late, incomplete, or inaccurately formatted may impact performance on future portions of this project.

· There are two parts to this assignment:

· Research Design: complete the table below by placing answers where indicated (“<ANSWER>”).

· Survey: at the end of this document (where it says <Create Proposed Survey Here> create a proposed survey. It should be formatted to be easy for a person to read and complete. You must create the survey in its entirety within this document – you cannot copy / paste question(s) as an image as distortion may occur (you must retype them). All questions should be the same font and font size. Make sure there is uniformity in appearance and there are no typos.

· You will submit this assignment as a single word document by the due date in Canvas.



Research: Intro and Method Assignment Instructions


This is the first written component of your research project. Review all relevant files / presentations as listed in the
Research Project Overview and this document. This project will refine your graduate level writing abilities and allow you to practice scientific writing skills. It also requires you to locate and read many research articles over a specific topic, discern which are most relevant, and use them to provide a review of literature while simultaneously building an argument for your proposed research study. This type of writing takes many revisions, so do not wait until the last minute to begin work on this assignment. (You are turning in a “final version” – not a draft!).


By this stage you should have already been approved to use your survey to collect data. You will now write the introduction and method sections of your research paper, transcribe your data to an SPSS file, and submit both for instructor feedback. Please read this document in its entirety before beginning this portion of your research project. There are three stages to this assignment as detailed below. This is the ONLY assignment in which you submit two separate files – you will also submit your SPSS data file within a single submission in Canvas. The entire assignment is worth a total of 60 points: up to 42 points are awarded based on correct content in both the word document and SPSS data file, and up to 18 points are awarded for structure in both the word document and SPSS data file. Submission instructions are reiterated at the bottom of these instructions.

The following stages are provided to help guide you through this assignment.

Stage 1: Read articles to locate the most relevant ones specific to your research project. You’ve already designed your survey based on previously validated scales or approved variables and copied the Reference entries from the Survey Instructions document. You can now locate those articles in the Jerry Falwell library to read to better understand those variables. (Note: for the first variable there was a citation – Hodge, 2003, Underwood, 2011, or Pargament et al., 2011; not all second variables had a reference provided).

In addition to the 1 – 2 articles used to validate your survey, you will need to find a minimum of FOUR additional articles that provide sufficient background to justify your research study. Thus, you will have a minimum of 5 – 6 articles discussed in your Introduction and included in your References for this phase. For the four articles you must find on your own:

· All should be from peer-reviewed journals. For a description of types of articles, please review Section 1 in the APA Manual.

· At least three o

Research Design Table

Demographic Variable

Name of variable:

Participant age.

Levels of variable you will use:


Scale of Measurement (nominal, ordinal, or scale):


Appropriate measure of central tendency and (if appropriate) variability:


Variable of Interest #1

Name of variable and/or scale selected (including citation):

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