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End User Experience

For this discussion, you will first read the Forbes article, 

Amazon: The Most Convenient Store on the Planet
 by Shep Hyken (2018). This article addresses end user experiences in the age of what the author calls The Convenience Revolution. The idea of convenience has transformed dramatically over the past decade. Whether it be a carton of milk, a new sweater, or the latest digital gadget, a simple click of a button can deliver just about anything to your doorstep. As Hyken points out, customer experience and end user requirements have been elevated to not even a new standard, but a new expectation. User expectations involve quality, efficiency, and ease of use. This technological revolution of consumer practice has changed the nature of how organizations and systems operate.

Part 1

Address the following

· How are forward-thinking businesses gaining an edge on their competitors?

· Where do you see the point at which too much convenience will inevitably be detrimental to the end user’s experience?

Part 2

address the point at which too much convenience is detrimental. Do you agree or disagree with their opinions? Explain why.


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