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intro speech outline about how it’s like to have 2 cultures( Egypt) (u.s) 

If you use this template, you must remove ALL of my instruction. The
words on this template are for instructional purposes ONLY. You
should replace my instruction with YOUR content.


I. How will you grab our attention. Put it here in a complete sentence.

II. What is the one thing you will discuss. Put it here in a complete sentence.

III. What research and/or experience have you done on this topic. Put it here in a complete sentence.

IV. What are the 3-5 main points you will discuss about your topic. Put it here in a complete sentence.

Add a transition here and indent when you put it on the outline.


I. In a complete sentence, state your first point that you mentioned in IV of the Introduction above.

Add a transition here and indent when you put it on the outline.

II. In a complete sentence, state your second point that you mentioned in IV of the Introduction above.

Add a transition here and indent when you put it on the outline.

III. In a complete sentence, state your third point that you mentioned in IV of the Introduction above.

Add a transition here and indent when you put it on the outline.

(You will have as many main points in the body as you mentioned in the Preview in the introduction
section IV. You need a transition between each)


I. Review your main points in a complete sentence.

II. End with a complete sentence that is a concluding remark or action.

(All items by Roman numerals need to be complete sentences. You should not have more than 3
sentences. You can subdivide, but you need to use the rules of first using Capital letters, then Arabic
numerals, and the lower case letters. You always have to have at least 2 ideas to subdivide and you need
to indent all subdivision)

Outline Format

I (Roman Numeral)
A. (Indent and then Capital letter. You need at least 2 points if you subdivide. If you have an A, You
At least a B.)
1. (The next level is Arabic numerals and you indent again. Must have at least two points)
a. (The final level is lower case letters. Once again, you must have at least 2 points)


Title: “Becoming a Sister”

Statement of Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about how my life has changed with
becoming a big sister

Central Idea: My sister and I have made many memories with each other and she has impacted
my life in several ways.


I. Attention: What would you think if your mom always said she would not have another
child and then one day, at Blue Coast, she tells you that you have a little brother or sister
on the way? You’d laugh, right? Ok, well maybe not. But that was my reaction.

II. Topic Statement: I was scared to death of becoming a big sister. The only experience
with siblings I had ever had was with my aunt and uncle, who would pick on me
relentlessly. I wondered if I would be this pesky big sister, or if I would be more than

III. Credibility: After six years of being a big sister, I have not only mastered the art of being
pesky, but I believe I have been a good influence in my sister’s life.

IV. Preview: Today, I’d like to focus on her birth, all the memories we have made, and what
our future together may hold.

(Transition: First, I would like to discuss the day she was born.)

I. The birth of my sister was a 24-hour event.

A. My father woke up before the sun had risen on October 26, 2006.
1. After dropping me off at the grandparents, my parents headed to the

2. I had breakfast with my grandmother and soon-to-be aunt at Cracker

Barrel- peach pancakes.
3. Mom walked the halls of the hospital.

B. My grandparents and I arrived at the hospital about midday.
1. I sampled everything in the hospital cafeteria: cookies, sandwiches, and

even chocolate milk.
2. At about 11:00, I fell asleep in the lobby, where the security guard
placed a pillow under my head and a blanket over me.
3. I woke up and went upstairs, where my family wrote down bets on
Brylee’s weight and length. I bet that she would weight 7 lbs, 11 oz-
exactly one more pound than me.

4. Brylee Grace Sneed was born at 1:39 a.m. She weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz.
5. I got to press the button that played music whenever a baby was born.

(Transition: I have spoken so far about the birth of my sister, but it was the next few years to
come that make her so special to me.)

II. My sister and I have been able to share many memories over the past six years.
A. I got to see her take her first steps.
B. I picked up her little hand to put it in her smash cake on her first birthday. She

replied with a screech.
C. We got to go to the beach together, where we first discovered her hate for

D. I learned to drive with a screaming two year old in the backseat.
E. We lost our first dog to cancer when she was three.
F. She got

Your first Speech

It’s that time!

Self-Introduction Speech Purpose

The objectives of this speech are to introduce yourself to your classmates and to help you become accustomed to presenting, recording, uploading, and submitting a speech. 

Visual Aid Selection

Select an object that represents a significant aspect of your background, personality, values, ambitions, etc.

The object will be your visual aid for the speech.

Using the object as a point of departure, you should develop a speech that explains how it relates to your life. For example, a journalism major might select a newspaper as a way to explain his or her goals. An avid tennis player might use a tennis racket to illustrate his or her passion for the sport. 

Speech Requirements

Self-Introduction Speech Guidelines

Speaking Time: 2-3 minutes

Visual Aid: At least 1 visual aid is required

Supporting Material: Supporting material is not required. If supporting material is used, it should be cited within the content of the speech and added to the works cited page.

Outline and Works Cited: Preparation Outline and Works Cited page (if using supporting material) must be submitted to D2L Dropbox by the deadline.

Note Card(s):  Note cards can be used OR a one-page speaking outline.
Attire: Casual

Remember that you need to do a self-evaluation prior to this speech


Video Requirements

You should present and video record your speech. Upload the speech to and post the link to the Discussion Board on the designated forum. For this speech, a live audience is not required. Your classmates and instructor will be your audience. Be sure the quality of the video is such that the sound and visuals are clear. If the sound and video quality are not sufficient for the instructor to view your speech you will be required to resubmit to earn a grade. 

You should be standing to present and visible in the video from head to fingertips. 

Avoid wearing ballcaps as this can negatively impact eye contact.

Start By Selecting A Topic

Some Ideas

Look at my responses to your bio posts. I provided some initial ideas to each of you based on what you shared in your post if you are in an online class. We did a brainstorming in class for the in-person class

Share an experience that has shaped your life

Talk about an item that means a lot to you such as a musical instrument, piece of jewelry, a favorite childhood toy, etc.

Tell us what led you to select your major

These are just a few ideas

Once you have a topic

Consider 2-3 things you could discuss about the topic. T

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