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Write a proposal (5-7 pages) for a health care information review of the quality of care given to a specific patient population.


You now know:

· What information or data you will be reviewing.

· From where the information or data will come.

· Which standards or goals you are trying to reach.

You now need to determine how to make all of this happen. In this part of the process, you will put together your action plan. Who is going to do the work? What type of skills will they need? How long will it take them to do the work? This is your game plan. Each and every step needs to be clearly laid out and explained.

Keep in mind that you are writing a proposal. You are telling your physician group what you would like to do, why you want to do it, and how you are going to do it. You are not buying new devices or starting a new process. You are reviewing documentation that is already present in the office, or potentially in hospital records, to identify whether your group’s physicians provided quality care.

This assessment will complete your proposal for the health information review that you recommend. Throughout this assessment, explicitly state the reasons for each and all of your choices.

Please carefully review this assessment’s scoring guide to better understand the performance levels relating to each criterion on which you will be evaluated.


You do not need to write your proposal in APA format. You do need to complete a cohesive, coherent, organized, and well-written proposal. Much of the information you include in your proposal will come from your previous assessments. Be sure your proposal includes all of the following headings and your narrative addresses each of the bullet points.


· Explain what information you propose to collect.

· Provide the reasons for collecting this information.

· Describe how this information could be used to validate or improve the quality of care at your facility.

Data Collection Plan

· Propose an implementation plan and detail the information you plan to collect at your facility, including where and how it will be collected.

· Specify the following:

2. The time period you propose to review.

2. The system applications you will use to collect the health information.

1. Write a narrative, create a timeline, build a flowchart, or use any other method of your choosing to demonstrate the flow of health record information through the information life cycle from creation to destruction. Identify those sections within the life cycle from which you will retrieve information.

1. Explain the use of information from an HIE and describe how it may affect patient care, clinical knowledge, and population health data.

1. Detail the personnel required to complete the health information review, including their ne

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