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 Just write a reply to these two posts. Write in your own words. One paragraph for each post. Please differentiate which reply is which. 

Reply A Grant

I think the kind of advertising that I fall for most is the false dilemma type. Like with shampoo. They tell us that we need to wash all of the nasty gunk and dirt out of our hair. Then next thing you know you shouldn’t wash your hair as often because it’s actually bad for you.  It will dry out your hair. I find that I get trapped when I know i didn’t really have a problem before and an ad makes me think oh now I do have a problem. What do ya know the only solution to that problem is their product. 

I think about the Dr. Squatch commercials when I think about ads that I fall for most. My deodorant works just fine but they make me think there is something wrong with it. It works really well on me. I go on rants looking at the ingredients on all of the stuff I get now. I don’t use their products, but they have made me look at the stuff I use on my body completely differently than I used to. I am not on social media for that reason. I believe it isn’t good for you because places like Instagram can literally sell your information and most liked stuff to companies for them to run you specific ads. I am very easily swayed especially when it comes to food. Every time I see a big lighted up Taco Bueno sign, I pull in 80 percent of the time.

Reply B Daizie

Advertising is something I see everyday. I am active on social media and I check my accounts  consistently throughout the day. I fall most for advertisements about clothes or accessories. I already have a passion for clothes and making outfits so it is hard to look past the ads. Personally I tend to be more convinced with videos instead of pictures. For example, I will scroll on tik tok and see videos of someone unboxing new shoes and people will comment and say things like “i just bought these” or “I have these and wear them everyday”. I think I fall for it because I am seeing an actual person wear the item which gives me a better idea of how it would look on me. Just the other day I saw a video about this girl who bought Bluetooth headphones and she decorated them really cute, which then made me look on Amazon for some. I did end up buying them when I didn’t need them so I did fall for it haha.

I didn’t really think about advertisement until this forum. After thinking about the questions, I thought about past time’s time when I would go look at websites or online shop after seeing an ad. Now I am aware and know that my response to advertisement is impulse buying. I think once you have money of your own everything is appealing. Sometimes I know I don’t need something and will think to myself “well if you really wanted it you can get it”. I also believe the internet algorithm is also a huge advertisement. There have been times where I was specifically looking for something and then a few days later I will see ads about it. They pop up on Instagram the most for me. It’s kind of crazy how the in

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