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Outline for Project – Part 1

I. Introduction

A. History

B. Present Conditions

C. Mission and Objectives

II. External Environmental Analysis (what are the environmental opportunities and

threats in the industry?”

A. Demographic Factors

B. Political Factors

C. Legal Factors

D. Global Factors

E. Economic Factors

F. Social Factors

G. Technology Factors

H. Competition


Present Conditions: discuss the last three years of operations of the company.

External Environmental Analysis

– Discuss 4 topics

– Competition must be one of the topics. (Briefly discuss at least two competitors to the

plain the competitive environment.)

– Discuss in terms of opportunities and threats for the INDUSTRY.

Writing/Typing Requirements:

– The paper should be typed double-spaced.

– Use topics/subtopics to separate your paper.

– Use good writing style – introductory/ conclusion sentences for paragraphs, complete

sentences, transitions between paragraphs/sections

– References – you should have at least 6 references and you should put them at the end of

the paper (use whatever style you like on this as long as the references are complete). Be

sure you indicate in the body of the paper where the references are used.

– Please write in your own words – “borrowing” significant portions of quoted material

without attributing it to an author is plagiarism. Even if you use your own words and

they are not your thoughts, you still need to reference the material. (NOTE: I will run

papers through a plagiarism program, so be careful to use your own work.)

This paper is likely to be 7 – 9 pages typed doubled spaced.

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