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3-Minute Personal Evangelistic Testimony

Mark as done

Write a 3-minute personal evangelistic testimony. Record a video of yourself reading your testimony (you may use VoiceThread and paste the link in the forum). The testimony must fit the following requirements:

1.    Clear expression of your ideas within three minutes

2.    Scriptural support, when appropriate

3.    Absence of religious jargon or unexplained figures of speech

4.    Ideas aimed at non-Christians so they can know how to become a Christian as a result of listening to your presentation

Return to the forum and provide constructive, critical feedback on at least two of your classmates’ testimonies.

Discussion 3B: Leadership

Colman makes the following statement:

“The great commission of Christ to the Church summed it up in the command to “make disciples of every creature” (Matt 28:19). The disciples were to build people like themselves who were so constrained by the commission of Christ that they not only followed but led others to follow his way. Leadership was the emphasis. The only hope for the world is for people to go to them with the Gospel of Salvation, and having won them to the Savior, not to leave them, but to work with them faithfully, patiently, painstakingly, until they become fruitful Christians savoring the world about them with the Redeemer’s love. The test of any work of evangelism thus is not what is seen at the moment or in the Conference Report but in the effectiveness with which the work continues in the next generation. The costly principles of leadership development and reproduction seem to have been submerged beneath the easier strategy of mass recruitment. When will we realize that evangelism is not done by something but by someone? It is an expression of God’s love, and God is a Person. His nature, being personal, is only expressed through personality, first revealed fully in Christ and now expressed through his Spirit in the lives of those yielded to Him.

Do you think this statement is true? Why? Why not? It is true, then. What should we, in general, and you, in particular, be doing differently? Be sure to use the source and the scripture to support your comments. And be sure to post to at least two other students.

Discussion 3A: Why Christian Character Matters

 In the initial posting for this forum, discuss these questions: What is there in the lecture that you resonate? What causes you concern? Explain your answers. Clearly state what resonates with you and why it does so. Clearly state what causes you concern and why it does so. Be sure to use the source and the scripture to support your comments. Also, be sure to post to at least two other students.

Listen to NT Wright on Why Christian Character Matters:

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