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 Granting client confidentiality preferences may not be appropriate in certain situations.  When is it appropriate? When is it not appropriate? Provide scenarios and documentation to support and clarify your answers.

In response to your peers, continue to explore the issues that affect client confidentiality. Is there anything that was missed or something new that you hadn’t considered?

Readings and Resources

Articles, Websites, and Videos:

This article discusses the evolution of the HIPAA Privacy Rule with a particular focus on confidentiality in the field of mental illness.


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This chapter addresses the issues around privacy vs confidentiality for the social worker and in other areas of social work.


Confidentiality and privileged information
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ocial work:
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This chapter defines cultural competency and provides excellent examples relative to case management.


Cultural competency and social work practice
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Ch. 4 Ethical and Legal Perspectivs

Chapter Introduction

· Chapter Four addresses Social Work Case Management Standard 1, Ethics and Values.

· Chapter Four addresses Human Service–Certified Board Practitioner Competency 1, Ethics in Human Relationships.

I really try to call upon the child to speak about what he or she has been doing. That way I’m not breaking any confidences.

—From Sara Bergeron, 2012, text from unpublished interview. Used with permission

Effective human services delivery often requires a delicate balance of consideration for the client, the agency for which the case manager works, laws and regulations, court

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