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PATH370 Pathophysiology
Week 6 In Class Assignment
Case study 1 What risk factors does L.B. have that predispose her to development of gallstones?
Why are fatty foods often associated with an exacerbation of symptoms?
What is the relationship between gallstones and cholecystitis?
What options are there for the surgical removal of the gallbladder? What other options are available for the treatment of cholecystitis?
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is selected. Will L.B. continue to secrete bile after her surgery? How?
Case study 2 What are the common manifestations of alcoholic cirrhosis? Which of these are secondary to hepatocellular failure? Which are secondary to portal hypertension?
Why is F.C. at particular risk for GI bleeding?
What is the probable cause of F.C.s progressive mental deterioration? How might his mental deterioration be medically managed?
What problems might be precipitated by F.C.s abrupt cessation of alcohol intake while hospitalized?
Case study 3 What is the likely cause of the dysphagia?
What advice should he be given regarding his OTC medication at this time?
What are the usual signs and symptoms of GERD? How will it be managed?

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