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PATH370 Pathophysiology
Week 5 In Class Assignment
Case 1How would a pneumococcal infection lead to glomerulonephritis? How can glomerulonephritis result in nephrosis?
Use J.H.s laboratory values to determine if he is still experiencing nephrosis or his condition is progressing to renal failure.
What additional physical or laboratory findings would help determine J.H.’s degree of renal impairment?
How will J.H.’s therapy change if his condition has progressed from nephrosis to uremia?
Case 2 What type of renal failure is P.W. likely developing? What data support this conclusion?
Without adequate therapy, what may develop? Why? What is the best therapy for preventing this from occurring?
In addition to urine output, what laboratory data should be monitored to assess changes in P.W.s renal function?
If P.W.’s renal function does not return to normal but continues to be diminished, what are the subsequent stages of his renal disorder and what clinical problems do they present?

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