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PATH370 Pathophysiology
Week 4 In Class Assignment
Case 1What clinical findings are likely in R.S. as a consequence of his COPD? How would these differ from those of emphysematous COPD?
Interpret R.S.s laboratory results. How would his acid-base disorder be classified? What is the most likely cause of his polycythemia?
What is the rationale for treating R.S. with theophylline and a 2 agonist?
What effects would his respiratory disease have on his cardiovascular function?
Considering both his COPD and pneumonia, in what position would R.S. have the worst ventilation-perfusion matching?
Case 2 What is the most likely cause of her respiratory distress? Why?
What diagnostic findings would help confirm this diagnosis?
What is the pathogenesis of hypoxemia in this disorder?
How will R.S.s respiratory disorder likely be treated?
Case 3 What is the underlying mechanism of R.J.s asthma? What are the three airway responses that occur during an asthma episode?
In addition to bronchodilator therapy with intermittent albuterol, what other pharmacotherapy is important in the management of asthma?
What is the significance of a PEFR at 60% predicted? If spirometry were performed at this time, what would be the likely findings?
How to monitor response to therapy?
In addition to reviewing appropriate drug therapy, what other preventive and treatment measures should be included in R.J.s discharge teaching?

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