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PATH370 Pathophysiology
Week 3 In Class Assignment
What risk factors for primary hypertension are evident from K.H.s history and physical data?
What is the rationale for treating K.H. with an ACE inhibitor? What is the mechanism of action? What part of the blood pressure formula do they affect?
K.H.s hypertension is not adequately controlled. What other intervention might be considered?
What tips can you give K.H.s wife to improve the accuracy of her blood pressure measurement technique?
Case 2
Which type of heart failure (left or right sided) is usually associated with dyspnea? What other clinical findings are likely to be present with left-sided heart failure
What compensatory mechanisms are likely to be operative in A.O. to enhance cardiac output?
What is the most likely cause of A.O.s pedal edema?
What is the cause of A.O.s exertional chest pain? What laboratory tests would be useful to confirm this diagnosis?
What is the rationale for the use of each of A.O.s medications in managing her heart disease?
Case 3
Based on his case history and responsiveness to fluid therapy, what type of shock was C.C. experiencing?
What other clinical findings would be helpful in confirming the type of shock? Why?
Because of his many open wounds and invasive lines, C.C. is at risk for sepsis and septic shock. What clinical findings would suggest that this complication has developed?

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