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PATH370 Pathophysiology
Evidence-Based Medicine: Research Project and Presentation
In this project, you will complete a clinical case study analysis, research review, and oral presentation about the pathophysiology of your chosen topic. In this project, you will work in groups of two to four people. You will present as a group and receive a participation/collaboration grade. You will also be graded based on your individual contribution to the content.
Your presentations should follow a case study SBAR format (situation, background, assessment, and recommendations). Include four (4) different medical-based evidence and/or research recommendations. You must include at least five (5) scholarly sources in your overall presentation.
Your group presentation should include:
Introduction to the case or situation
Background detail
Clinical assessment
Application to future practice
At least five (5) scholarly references supporting your ideas
The use of audiovisual aids such as PowerPoint, DVD clips, sound effects, posters, radiology films, medical reports, etc.
Opportunities for engagement with the audience such as a question and answer session
Submit your PowerPoint and any handouts to the assignment dropbox before your presentation. You may submit just your portion of the overall presentation OR submit the entire presentation; be clear which section you are responsible for.
Review the rubric for grading criteria.
*HIPPA Compliance: If you are using an actual person for your case study, please see your instructor to obtain a HIPPA release form so that we are in compliance with the Health Information Patient Privacy Act.
** At some campuses, there will be an incorporation of the Team Teach collaboration model where nursing faculty are invited to come and observe the presentations and give feedback from a clinical perspective. Your instructor will inform you if this is a requirement.

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