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HOL 100 DeRhodes
Reflection #2 After watching the video, The Mind Body Connection, with Tendai Jambga, write a response to the question below. Your response must be a minimum of 200 words (approximately 2 paragraphs). The assignment is due in Populi by the beginning of the next class. Type the assignment in the Comments field of the actual assignment in Populi. Click Post to submit your verbiage.
Writing prompt: Tandai speaks about self-care and yoga. She believes that yoga helps people take ownership of their thoughts and gain control of the self. Thinking from her perspective, can you imagine yourself doing yoga with the intention to heal both your body and your mind? If so, what kind of environment do think would help? If not, why might it work for others? Feel free to share from your personal experience.

Reflection #2

Writing prompt:

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