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Assignment # 14 Chapter 12
TCM 710 – Project Leadership

Discussion Board A discussion topic will be posted in the Instructor Guided Discussion Board for week # 14. Please make at least 1 posting to the discussion board by the due date. Simply posting once every week does not guarantee full credit for the discussion board. Discussion credit will be evaluated based on your contribution to discussions and your ability to interact with other students in the class.
Homework Assignment # 14
Read Chapter 12 from the course text and answer the following questions. (5 pts each unless otherwise noted)
Complete the questions in the template at the end of this document and return it through the Assignments Tab in Blackboard.
Additional Instructions:
List your answers in the template below. Expand space for your answer as needed.
Provide discussion and thought with the questions (a one sentence response typically is not enough).
Be sure to complete the assignment in this template file and return the entire file using the assignment link located in the Assignments tab. DO NOT RETURN IT USING REGULAR EMAIL.
Begin Work Here.. 5 points per question number unless otherwise noted (25 points total)
1) Discuss how advances in communication technologies have changed how crises are managed now as compared to a few decades ago.
2) Explain why it is important to have a standing crisis response team.
3) Briefly discuss the main components of the three-stage crisis management plan.
4) What is the most effective method of diffusing public hostility and building confidence and credibility with all stakeholders during a crisis? Discuss.
5) One of the characteristics of the learning organizations culture is that learning is a multilevel organization-wide process. What exactly is meant by this statement?

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