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Part A
Marketing research is an important aspect of marketing planning and understanding consumer choice. Primary research helps the organization determine its target market and understand how likely they are to adopt a product or service. It is also a way to learn what is important to consumers. Secondary research helps the organization learn about industry and market issues and trends and how they relate to the organization.
ReviewtheCase Studydocument.
Analyzethe results of the marketing research performed by the Faith & Main Consultants from the Case Study regarding the perception of the organizations womens health services.
Assumeyou have decided that the organization needs to conduct additional primary research to get to the heart of consumer choice in the market:
Explore which tools or techniques would be most effective and efficient in terms of gaining the most results at the lowest cost.
Explore the type of additional information you believe is needed in such research.
Conductsecondary market research using the University Library:
Find 3 articles that relate to womens health services that pertain to the ECRHS survey results.
Summarize the results of your secondary research.
Preparea 500- to 700-word marketing research summary.
Includethe following:
Analyze the Faith & Main primary marketing research results.
Summarize the secondary research articles you found, explaining how they do or do not support the Faith & Main Consultants primary research findings. Explain why you believe the organization needs to conduct additional primary consumer market research.
State the type of additional information you believe is needed from such research.
State the tools and techniques you would add, explaining why you recommend them, including why they would be the most efficient and effective.
Explain how you would incorporate consumer demographics and feedback on consumer health care preferences into the design for products, services, or branding.
Citeyour sources in APA format.

Part B
Read the article Applications of Social Media for Medical Tourism Marketing: An Empirical Analysis from the University Library.Applications of social media for medical tourism marketing: an empirical an…: EBSCOhost
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Why is consumer choice important in health care marketing, and why is it especially important for medical tourism decisions?
Which choice factors are most important to medical tourism consumers?
How successful is social media marketing for consumer choice for medical tourism?
How well did medical tourism providers perform in terms of maintaining customer intimacy, customer involvement, interaction, and gathering customer insights? Why are each of these elements important as part of the consumer decision-making process in this situation?

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