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Instructions:There are three discussion topics. Choose anytwo topics.
TOPIC 1:Customer ExpectationsPROMPT:Compare two companies within the automobile industry: one that is known for exceeding expectations (delight) and another that reflects simply positive satisfaction.What influenced the customer perceptions of performance (expectations, quality, responsiveness, price)? martin-dm / E+ Collection / Getty Images
TOPIC 2:Consumer Decision Making ProcessPROMPT:Describe the decision-making process for a TeslaCybertruckvehicle through input (marketing efforts), processing (recognition and evaluation), and output (purchase).Include specific components of each stage such as sociocultural environmental factors, motivations andpostpurchaseevaluation. Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images T
OPIC 3:Loyalty SchemesPROMPT:Loyaltyschemes have a long historybeginning withthe early airline frequent flyer programs.Today, this concept has been applied to many industries including restaurants, apparel, fitness, entertainment, etc.Choose a loyalty program that you find beneficial, or once found beneficial.Based on your knowledge of customer retention and customer lifetime value,discusshow thisloyalty scheme influences or influencedyourconsumer behavior.Then, describe two ways that the loyalty program benefitsor benefitedyou as thecustomer and three or more ways that loyalty program benefitsor benefitedthe company. If you no longer find thisprogrambeneficial, why?

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