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Grant Proposal Sections 3 and 4 to receive feedback.

Section 3 – [1 ½ – 2 pages]


• An explanation of the proposed personnel arrangements. The explanation should specify how many persons atwhat percentage of time and in what categories will be participating in the project and the lines of responsibility.
• Any student participation, paid or unpaid, should be mentioned, and the nature of the proposed contributiondetailed. If any persons must be hired for the project, say so, and explain why, unless the need for persons notalready available within the organization is self-evident.

➢ Section 4 – [3 ½ pages]

Budget, Continuation Funding

This section provides the detailed budget with the requested funds for the project expenses. Information requiredSponsors customarily specify how budgets should be presented and what costs are allowable.

• Make your budget realistic. Carefully think through exactly what you will need from the funding agency to carryout the project and establish your budget around this amount. (Do not forget, funding agencies receive lots ofrequests for funding. They can easily tell when someone has inflated a budget in order to procure funds forother purposes. Don’t get caught in this situation.)

• Budgets are often formatted in tables and figures, each amount should be clearly labeled directly followed bythe budget with be a justification statement explaining why each cost, material, and equipment is valid,reasonable, and important for your project.

• The budget also specifies items paid for by other funding sources, including an explanation for requestedexpenses.

• Indicate how the project will be funded or be sustainable after the grant funds have run out

• Facilities a) Though you may not be requesting funds for the purchase or rental of facilities, it can be helpful toprovide a brief description of the facilities that will be used for the project. b) Consider describing existingfacilities that will be used for the project as in-kind contributions to the project. Even if you have free access toclassrooms at a local school, meeting or a project room in a local office building, it can be helpful to indicate howmuch additional money the prospective funding agency would have to provide if these facilities were notdonated.

• Equipment/Supplieso Be careful in listing the equipment that will be needed for your project. Funding sources are usuallymuch more willing to provide funds for the support of personnel than they are to support the purchaseof equipment (that may or may not directly benefit the funded project).o It will help if you have really done some research on the actual cost of the equipment you specify. This iso much better than guessing at the cost and then to be challenged on your estimates by the potentialfunding agency.o It is easy to overlook many of the office supplies or consumables that will be needed for your project

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