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Personality Test – Sport Management

Click on the first link and view the video titled “My Personality Test Results”. After the video, click on the second link and take the personality test.
Then take the test in your textbook on page 216-217.
After you receive your results from both tests, write a discussion about what the online test said about you.
Compare it to what the textbook results were.
Contrast and compare the two tests – which is better?
You do not have to share what the test said specifically about you unless you want to.
Share what you feel comfortable with sharing.
The paper should be 400 – you must have a word count added at the end of the paper.


SELF-ASSESSMENT 8.1 (Page 216 – 217)

There are no right or wrong answers, so be honest and you will really increase your self-awareness. Using the scale shown, rate each of the 25 statements according to how accurately it describes you. Place a number from 1 to 5 on the line before each statement.

1 = not very descriptive of me; 2 = somewhat descriptive of me; 3 = neutral; 4 = descriptive of me; 5 = very descriptive of me
____    1.  I enjoy meeting new people.

____    2.  I am concerned about getting along well with others.

____    3.  I have good self-control; I don’t get emotional or angry and yell.

____    4.  I’m dependable; when I say I will do something, it’s done well and on time.

____    5.  I try to do things differently to improve my performance.

____    6.  I feel comfortable speaking to diverse people (different age, race, gender, religion, and intelligence).

____    7.  I enjoy having lots of friends and going to parties.

____    8.  I perform well under pressure.

____    9.  I work hard to be successful.

____  10.  I go to new places and enjoy traveling.

____  11.  I am outgoing and initiate conversations, rather than being shy and waiting for others to approach me.

____  12.  I try to see things from other people’s points of view.

____  13.  I am an optimistic person who sees the positive side of situations (the glass is half full).
____  13.  I am an optimistic person who sees the positive side of situations (the glass is half full).

____  14.  I am a well-organized person.

____  15.  When I go to a new restaurant, I order foods I haven’t tried.

____  16.  I am willing to go talk to people to resolve conflicts, rather than say nothing.

____  17.  I want other people to like me and to consider me to be very friendly.

____  18.  I give people lots of praise and encouragement; I don’t put people down and criticize.

____  19.  I conform by following the rules of an organization.

____  20.  I volunteer to be the first to learn and do new tasks at work.

____  21.  I try to influence other people to get what I want.

____  22.  I enjoy working with others more than working alone.

____  23.  I view myself as being relaxed and secure rather

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