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Social Media
Mrs. K
English 002
July 7, 2022

Social Media, to Be or Not to Be
This was such a hard paper to be opinionated about because in all honesty, I believe that both sides come with great facts. I can say that social media has done great things in this world, but it has also caused so many more problems. In the blog by Kara Woodridge, she brought up some great points that are crucial to this debate. As much as I want to side with social media being a friend, I also tend to make my debate as to it being a foe, since it has so many negatives in my argument.
One of the negatives that Kara brought up was the fact that true journalism has been disrupted and that people are too enthralled in their phones to care about one another. I grew up in a home where my parents came home from work at the end of the day, and everyone ate dinner together, while the news was on in the not so distant. We ate dinner and no one had a phone at the table because it was not allowed. We watched the news and commented about what was going on and how our day went. My parents grew up very old school and believed that if we didn’t do anything else, having dinner together was very important and leaving our devices in our rooms was even more important.
We did not get our news from social media, but from new sources that reported their news through news journalist who were trained in journalism, not those who have no education in the industry. Those who report news from social media sources, tend to report the news based on their own beliefs, rather than going the extra mile to see if they are even reporting accurate news. To the reader who is getting their information from dishonest bloggers, who are reporting their beliefs instead of what is true, creates huge problems for society. For instance, there is an unknown shadowy, blogger by the name of Q, who has created a huge movement amongst people. Some of the things that this figure writes about are at most hard to believe, but there are people who believe the conspiracy theories that he/she puts out on social media.
Other negatives that I have about social media is that it influences the young at heart who are so vulnerable. As we know, sex trafficking amongst youth is very real in society, where teenagers are the most vulnerable. Unsuspecting teenagers end up victims to predators who stalk social media for them. Lastly, social media is capable of breeding bullying, where people tend to hide behind a screen and make threats to others. Although some people are able to shake off someone who is bullying them, there are others who are not able to do so. There have been cases where teens have committed suicide because someone behind a sc

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