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Please review the attached RFP for instructions regarding the group project. The REQS document will give you detailed system requirements which you may consider incorporating into your prototype. Please identify each section, no copy and paste, use ur own words, no citations.
the sample i have attached was done wrongly. the diagrams are copied and paste.
if u could please identify each sections so i know instruction is follow. its a group assighment made of 4 people. i guess it should be structure as such please. resumes would need to be included. Please real diagrams.
please take this into consideration
Evaluation: Projects will be scored based upon: • your response to this RFP (requirements attached) – 40% • effectiveness of presentation, – 15% • degree in which prototype addresses the problem – 35% • budget – 10%

Student Athlete Registration System

The Board of Education of Baltimore County invites qualified firms to submit proposals for a student athlete registration system. Award Bidder shall provide a web-based solution to facilitate data entry and reporting. The requirements outlined herein are intended as an aid to acquaint Bidders with what could be required to execute the work on this contract. These specifications will serve as the source document for services for the term of the contract.

Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) ranks among the 25 largest school systems in the United States. The county covers 612 square miles in the north central part of Maryland, and combines urban, suburban and business regions with vast farmlands and waterfront areas. The school system reflects this diversity in the student population of over 113,000 students. For the 2018 – 2019 school year, BCPS will operate over 173 schools: 106 elementary schools (serving grades Pre-K – 5), 27 middle schools (serving grades 6 – 8) and 24 high schools (serving grades 9 – 12).


Projects will be scored based upon:
· your response to this RFP (requirements attached) – 40%
· effectiveness of presentation,  – 15%
· degree in which prototype addresses the problem – 35%
·  budget  – 10%
Proposal Requirements – submitted in Notebook

Section 1: Official Information

A: Request for Proposal

Section 2: Contractor Personnel

A: Titles and assigned duties of proposal team members
B: Resumes – (Should be in consistent formats, and skill set should match assigned role in the project)

Section 3: Technical Proposal

A. Preliminary Investigation
a. Understanding the Problem or Opportunity
b. Define the Project Scope & Constraints
c. Perform Fact Finding
d. Evaluate Feasibility
B. Objectives and Criteria for System Evaluation (Systems Requirements) – Chapter 4
a. Output
b. Input
c. Process
d. Performance
e. Control
C. Develop Logic Model (Chapter 5)
D. Present Development Strategy Alternatives – (Chapter 7)
E. Analysis of alternatives (Chapter 7)
a. Spreadsheet with weighted total to support results
F. Selection of Alternative
a. Narrative Justification
b. Hardware Proposed (including hardware schematic(s))
c. Software Proposed
d. Connectivity
e. Security Considerations

Section 4: Development Phase Management Plan

A. Development Team Personnel
a. Organization Chart
b. Position Descriptions
c. Salary Structure (list sources)
B. Conversion Plan
C. User/Operator Training Plan
D. Development, testing and implementation schedule
a. Gantt chart(s)
b. PERT/CPM chart(s)

Section 5: Prototype System Specifications:

A. System Narrative for each function
B. Develop Working Model

Section 6: Users Manual

A. Provide instructions for the use of the prototype system

Section 7: Prototype System Demonstration

A. Test Plan
B. Test data
C. Implementation failure contingency procedures

Section 8: Expended Effort

A. Listing and description of all team meeting

LKO-421-19 Attachment D: Functional

Requirements Response Form

A. Communication Requirements


Requirement Meets


A.1 The system shall support email or messaging
functionality for Administrators, coaches and

A.2 The system shall have the ability to generate
notification letters, forms for parents.

A.3 The system shall include functionality to schedule
Parents visits/appointments to Athlete Welcome

A.4 The scheduling module shall provide options to
accommodate walk-ins or unscheduled parent visits to
the Athlete Center.

A.5 The system shall provide functionality to reschedule or
delete a previously scheduled appointment.

B. Security Requirements


Requirement Meets






B.5 The system shall provide the ability to hide links or
components of the system based upon user rights.

C. User Management Requirements


Requirement Meets


C.1 The system shall have the ability to support distinct
roles and permissions, including but not limited to the
following roles:

 Central Office Administrator

 Athlete Coaches

 School Administrator

 Athlete Director

 Volunteer Coaches

C.2 The system shall have the ability to allow and restrict
access to specific functions based on the user roles
and permissions.

C.3 The system shall require user management at the
school system level (“district”) only; any self-
enrollment options should be disabled.


The system shall provide automated and manual user
role management functionality with the ability to:

 Create, Edit, Model, Delete User Accounts

 Create, Edit, Model, Delete User Roles

 Batch/Bulk Role and User Assignments

 Automatic Role Assignments


C.6 The system shall have the ability to automatically
assign users to roles based on job titles.

C.7 The system shall have the ability to assign functions to
specific user roles and/or profiles.

C.8 The system shall have the ability to grant different
levels of permission to specific functions, to include:

 Inquiry/Read

 Update

 Delete

 All Functions


D. Training Requirements


Requirement Meets


D.1 The vendor shall provide a proposed training schedule
and plan, to include:

 Recommended Attendees (User Roles)

 Proposed Delivery Methods

 Proposed Training Topics

 Training Costs

D.2 The vendor shall provide an estimated number of
training hours required for End Users to effectively
utilize the software.

D.3 The vendor shall provide Administrator training to
designated IT staff at a BCPS site

D.4 The vendor shall provide online training and support

D.5 The vendor shall provide editable electronic copies of
all training and support m


Project Management

Students Name

Athlete Registration System

Company Profile

In the United States, ESS is a leading provider of IT solutions and services. It specializes in giving its clients access to cutting-edge ERP software, enterprise automation solutions, and e-government solutions. In 25 countries and 20 business verticals, its main solution, ERP, has been successfully integrated for more than 1,000 clients. For nearly 20 years, ERP has been transforming Kenyan businesses and organizations. ESS is committed to offering cutting-edge IT solutions that are founded on the newest technological foundations and supported by dependable, first-rate local service. Additionally, ESS offers services for custom developing applications and whole IT outsourcing.


Athletes from various schools and institutions participate in a variety of sports, including as basketball, volleyball, and fencing, in an effort to win a title. The players must deal with internal challenges in their various institutions (such as grades, schedules, and performances), as well as exterior pressures from the media and sports fans, in addition to the external demands and expectations of competing in a championship. It is now clear that the demands made by collegiate sports associations (like the UAAP and NCAA) for higher performance provide schools and universities with challenges unlike any other time in history. Thus, it is generally acknowledged in the field of college sports today that the development of an efficient and effective athlete’s registering monitoring and management system for athletes is necessary to increase the athletes’ competitiveness, particularly in the fight for championship.
Registration forms are available in the department for players, parents, coaches, and administration. The athletes must fill up a profile on the enrollment form and submit their information. In contrast to the conventional method of gathering the profiles of student athletes, this will reduce the department’s laborious job. The parents must enroll to have an application for them to be able to utilize the parents portal permits them to browse the calendar events and sports pages. The players’ academic development as well as their graduation success rates.

The goal and core of any information management system are to provide the appropriate information to the appropriate student at the appropriate time and location for the sport. A computerized system called an athletics management system was created and developed to handle sports that are played daily. The application can take care of records, databases, players, and our players. Additionally, it keeps track of school data such as student registration numbers, coaches in charge, and department administering. The project’s goal is to computerize the school’s sports administration to create software that is user-friendly, straightforward, quick, and economical. It deals with gathering

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