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responses…..300 words each…1 reference for each.

I just need responses to these answers like last week. Keep them in order or label them when you answer. Thank you.

1 Hansen
Good Morning class, 
Although it was a great holiday weekend I found myself more behind in daily tasks than before, but I can see everyone is moving forward and onward throughout the fifth week.  The weekly readings found me focusing on helping and defining my understanding of some different qualitative methods that can assist when conducting or adding tools to my research methods.  When thinking about qualitative research some assumptions can get made and have been recognized when conducting the type of research.  The specific examples that I recognized when thinking about the examples provided in this week’s readings are the validity issues that can arise from bias or the way that the data is designed to be collected.  For example, the researcher will potentially either unconsciously or consciously have a belief or expectation for the study and unintentionally set the table for the results expected.  The second example of assumption in qualitative research can come from the credibility of sources.  When you set out to conduct qualitative research realize on using techniques to assist in gathering data.  Throughout the previous weeks of this course, we have looked at ways to weed out or eliminate incredible sources that may contain bad data.  Some ways of getting more credible sources are through peer review and looking at studies that are more intense or looked at over some time.  Sometimes it can be hard to find data that is free of emotional bias or designed with a purpose in mind. 
Conducting interviews is a great way to increase qualitative data on a particular research question.  I like how there are multiple approaches and ways to structure the interview through either one-on-one interaction with a very structured standard approach to a loose or unstandardized approach that is possible done through online interactions (Berg and Lune, 2013.  Showing that you can tailor the way you gather qualitative data and can structure the approach around what type of information is most valuable to the project.  Having that flexibility in approach to the interview, I believe can assist in increasing how generalized, valid, and reliable the data gathered will be during research.  A hurdle to overcome with interviews is that the type of approach may not meet the way the interviewee would like to provide the information or they may not have the correct mindset to provide sound feedback or just blow off the interview altogether.
Another approach to gaining qualitative research data is using focus groups (Berg and Lune, 2012).  Just like interviews you can tailor how large, amount of time, and platform used to generate data.  The method can also provide a flexible way to gather more reliable and valid data by creating a focus group that can tackle the research data needed.  A challenge that may arise from this type of method is t

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