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Choose one of the three readings from the textbook chapter titled Theme: Places and Spaces. Read the text, then write a five-paragraph argumentative essay on the prompt given in Application, which appears below the reading. Make sure to use research when making your arguments and counterarguments. Be reminded that this is an argumentative essay, which means that in addition to your arguments, you also need to present the counterarguments. When presenting the counterarguments provide examples of logical fallacies commonly used; explain the type of logical fallacy. Do not forget to add the rebuttal after the counterargument. 

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You need to type the essay in a word document and follow APA style.

when using citations in the paragraph it is better to use paraphrasing

“Cities for People-Or Cars? New Urbanism Rediscovers Centuries of Walkable Wisdom” by Charles L. Marohn

Things to Do with the Reading:

According to Marohn, in what ways are modern, automobile-based approaches to developing a city “efficient, orderly, and dumb”? What is the New Urbanism civic design movement, and how does it differ from an auto-based development approach? Why does Marohn say that it’s important for people today to think about and act on this question of what makes a city successful? Use specific details from Marohn’s article in your responses.
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“Cities for People–Or Cars?”



Do some research to learn a little more about New Urbanism. (Some possible sources include Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream, by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and Jeff Speck, and Walkable City by Jeff Speck.) Make a list of some of the key principles and ideas that form the basis of New Urbanism civic design—what does it have to say about “walkable” streets, about proximity of houses and shopping, about sidewalks and public spaces, and so on? Choose a town or neighborhood that you know and where you spend time (perhaps even your college campus), and make a proposal for a specific change to the public space of that town, neighborhood, or campus in keeping with the principles of New Urbanism. Make a case for the change that you are proposing. How would it enhance public life and make a public space work better for local residents, local businesses, and local governments? What are the possible challenges or problems that would have to be overcome in order to implement this change to public space?

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Argumentative Essay Template


Nowadays, ________________________________________________________________________________________________
___________________________________. This is an issue because _____________________________________________________
______________________________. Some people say _______________

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