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Career Path

For this assignment you will conduct research on the career path you plan to pursue, and develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:
1. Professional Organizations – Find a minimum of three professional organizations that may help you get into your desired career field.
1. American Psychological Association –

2. American Academy of Forensic Psychology –

3. Society for Police and Criminal Psychology –

2. Volunteer Opportunities – Identify volunteer opportunities related to the field you are pursuing that would help you confirm the field is right for you.

2. Volunteer-Victim/Witness Advocate for the Mohave County Attorney’s Office
3. Interview – Interview someone in the professional field you are pursuing.
4. Program of Study Requirements – Provide a brief summary of the requirements needed to complete your program of study.
1. Completion of Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and Doctoral Degree in Psychology, with possible licensing in clinical psychology.
2. It would be wise to become Board Certified for Forensic Psychologists to demonstrate my understanding of my profession.
3. Possible internship for 1-2 years.
5. Career Search Information – a) Find a job description for your ideal or “dream” job on or another job site; Forensic Psychologist

b) Compare the job description of the job to the program of study you are in; I am in the Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology, below is the description of the job
1. The position requires a forensic examination specialist, trained by Federal law as a licensed psychologist who is cognizant of courtroom procedures and is familiar with the issues of competency and responsibility as they relate to examinations ordered under Title 18, U.S. Code, Sections 4241 and 4242.

Evaluates and/or supervises the evaluation of inmates to assess competency to stand trial and/or the offender’s responsibility for his behavior at the time of the offense. Prepares reports which detail the findings in support of the opinion rendered. This must include the ability to administer, score, and interpret a wide variety of psycho-diagnostic assessment instruments. Must also be prepared to explain or discuss these opinions as an expert witness before the court.

Assists in interdisciplinary classification of inmates by identifying behavioral, emotional, personality disorders, organic mental disorders, alcohol or drug dependencies and/or self-destructive potential and the subsequent development of suitable suggested programs for the individual inmate.

Formulates treatment program decisions, referring medical problems to the Medical Officer, and assists in decisions to transfer the inmate to more appropriate or specialized facilities.

Examines ca

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