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Kameron, a four-year-old in your in-home preschool, uses a Picture Exchange Program to communicate. He loves to build trains and play with them on the tracks during free play each day. He uses one or two word phrases, but communicates primarily using PECS by creating a sentence strip and handing it to you. He is able to create up to a four word sentence – including colors and size attributes when requesting items, for example, “I want the long, blue train.” At this point, Kameron is not communicating with other staff or his peers.

    What phase of PECs is Kameron doing in the Case Study?
    Imagine you wanted to use the picture Exchange System to teach Kameron to communicate about the season and the weather. Tell what cards you would use and the steps you would take to teach him.

    What are two activities you can plan that will increase the opportunities for Kameron to communicate with peers? Explain fully.

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