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Expository Essay Instructions –

Expository Research Essay?

In Week 1, you will select a topic that will sustain your interest for the next ten weeks. Once that first step is complete, it?s time to begin learning all that you can through the research process. In this first essay, you will inform your readers by providing a thorough examination of the issue you?ve selected.

Your Goal: The purpose of an expository essay is to inform and explain. Your essay is going to help your readers understand the issue you?ve chosen on the same level that you do. Your job is to analyze various perspectives on the topic you?ve selected and to present them to readers, along with background on the topic.
You are not offering your opinion on the issue you?ve selected; your objective for this first essay is to inform and explain that issue. You will have opportunities to express your views on your topic later in the class, but, for now, your paper should be informative, not persuasive.
This means that, as a writer, you need to remain neutral on your topic at this point. Part of the goal of the research is to allow ourselves to be open to discovering new points of view on a topic, even if we start the process by thinking our minds are made up. Often, students find that their original point of view on their issue does not hold up after they read expert opinions and studies. Being willing to be convinced by the research and personal reflection is an important facet of being an educated and fair-minded person. Once it is time to argue your position on your topic (in the second essay), you will be much better prepared to do so because you have put the work in now to really understand the topic.

The Realizeit Modules will guide you through expository writing strategies and the steps required to choose a strong topic and write a successful paper.

Here is a document

Download Here is a documentthat outlines two different ways of approaching this essay’s organizational pattern.

Weekly Breakdown:

To guide you through this process, we’ll work through several steps these next few weeks. Here’s how they will break down:
Step 1/Week 1 – Select your topic.Remember that you will keep this topic for the whole 10-week class, so give this lots of thought.
Step 2/Week 2 – Construct an annotated bibliography using two to three sources. This process asks you to find solid academic sources and summarize them; it?s extremely helpful in preparing you to draft your paper and helps you unfold the debate within the topic.
Step 3/Week 3 ? Draft the essay. Explain the issue, and identify and summarize the various positions within your topic in essay format. It is less important that your writing is high quality this week and more important just that you are writing!
Step 4/Week 4?Submit your final Expository Research Essay, building from the draft you created in Step 3.

IMPORTANT POINT:One last time, let us remind you that the topic you choose for this paper will be your to

Smarthinking Tutor Response Form

Your tutor has written overview comments about your essay in the form below. Your tutor has also embedded comments [in bold and in brackets] within your essay. Thank you for choosing Smarthinking to help you improve your writing!
Hello, I’m Marie C., and I look forward to working with you on this Essay Center Review to improve your writing today. Let’s get started!

*Writing Strength:

You provide background information about second language learning in your introduction. By doing so, you prepare your readers for the rest of your discussion.

Main Idea/Thesis

I’m concerned that your essay lacks a clear thesis. You end your introduction with cited information from Mocciaro and Young-Scholten. This sentence doesn’t clearly establish your main idea, so the focus of your essay might not be immediately evident. Therefore, I recommend that you develop a clear thesis and present it in your introduction (ideally at the end). Take a look at this example:

> An adolescent’s self-image is affected by their upbringing, their social interactions, and the ideas that they encounter.

The thesis above shows that the essay discusses the factors that affect an adolescent’s self-image. Now, what about immigrants’ second language learning do you discuss in your essay? Use the example as a guide, and develop a clear thesis.

* 11848397,you requested help with Content Development:

I also noticed that some ideas about learning the English language can still be further explained. For instance, in your second body paragraph, you cite information from Ionin and Wexler:

According to Ionin and Wexler (2002), the learners with tense errors have a common understanding of the use of suppletive inflection and instead employ affixal inflection, coupled with overgeneration of the ?be? auxiliary forms, thus unable to create progressive participles resulting in tense errors.

However, you don’t explain this cited information, so your readers might not fully understand why second language learners often commit tense errors. I suggest, therefore, that you expound on these ideas. To explain Ionin and Wexler’s point, you can consider answering these questions:

> What is “suppletive inflection?” What is “affixal inflection?”
> Why do second language learners often employ affixal inflection?

Answering these kinds of questions should help you further develop your essay. Remember that your essay has a maximum allowed word count, so you should keep your explanations succinct.

*11848397, you requested help with Grammar & Mechanics:

Finally, I’m concerned that some ideas in your essay aren’t properly cited. Let’s take a look at this sentence from your third body paragraph:

Moreover, the findings reveal that L1 bilingual learners are yet to develop significant sensitivity to the ?be? grammar paradigm and inflection regarding thematic verbs.

You refer to findings, but your sentence doesn’t have an in-text citation, so your readers mig

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