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(Victoria)The two social marketing platforms I will be comparing are Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram has increased their frequency of sponsored and advertised posts. Snapchat tends to have less advertisements while using the basic features. The company I will be using as an example is Ron Jon Surf Shop. Ron Jon does a good job on both platforms creating an engaging environment for consumers. They will often put out polls for consumers to vote on as well as interact with posts they are tagged in on both platforms. Ron Jon posts on snapchat stories showing off new merchandise and encouraging people to visit the store and the beach. Instagram allows for more conversation between consumers or fans in the comment section of posts. Online conversation strengthens the brand by positive word of mouth and influence. Another way this occurs is through giveaways where Ron Jon asks fans to tag a friend in the comments or share their post for a chance to win a prize. Although both social marketing platforms are beneficial for Ron Jon, Instagram allows for more features and consumer interactions. 

The multiscreen environment had improved ROI of many businesses. Consumers that follow businesses they enjoy on multiple platforms often get reminded multiple times of their new posts. Being able to reach consumers in multiple avenues increases the chance of sales and engagement. Instagram is available in the application often on our cell phone and the website that is often used on a laptop, computer, or projected onto a television. Instagram has a high user engagement rate and a massive 1 billion users in October of 2020 (Cho-I, & Namkung, 2022). Given these statistics it is no surprise that Instagram can have a large effect on marketing for local businesses. Many consumers turn to companies Instagram for the latest news on products, events, and promotions or sales. For Ron Jon this is the case, consumers look to their account for the latest events of surf competitions, beach clean ups, or celebrity meet and greets at the store. 

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