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Danny reports a cough lasting four to five days. He describes the cough as “watery and gurgly.” He reports the cough is worse at night and keeps him up. He reports general fatigue due to lack of sleep. He reports pain in his right ear. He is experiencing mild soreness in his throat. He reports his mother treated his cough symptoms with over-the-counter medicine, but it was only temporarily effective. He reports frequent cold and runny nose, and he states that he had frequent ear infections as a child. He reports a history of pneumonia in the past year. He reports normal bowel movements. He denies fever, headache, dizziness, trouble swallowing, nosebleed, phlegm or sputum, chest pain, trouble breathing and abdominal pain. He denies cough aggravation with activity.

• General Survey:

Fatigued appearing young boy seated on nursing station bench. Appears stable. • HEENT: Mucus membranes are moist, clear nasal discharge. Redness, cobblestoning in the back of throat. Eyes are dull in appearance, pink conjunctiva. Right Tympanic membrane is red and inflamed. Right cervical lymph node enlarged with reported tenderness. • Cardiovascular: S1, S2, no murmurs, gallops or rubs. • Respiratory: Respiratory rate increased, but no acute distress. Able to speak in full sentences. Breath sounds clear to auscultation. Negative bronchophony. Chest wall resonant to percussion. Expected fremitus, equal bilaterally. Spirometry: FEV1: 3.15 L, FVC 3.91L (FEV1/FVC: 80.5%)


My differentials include cold, strep throat, rhinitis, allergies and asthma based on abnormal findings affecting the ears, upper respiratory tract and lymphatic region.


Danny should be referred for an allergy test to rule out allergies as well as a lung function test to rule out asthma. He should receive a strep culture to rule out strep throat. I recommend antitussive treatment at night to help with his sleep in addition to bed rest.

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