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Discussion 6: Is that Feature Standard?

This discussion assignment is related to your Chapter 3 (Salkind) material and based on your individual assignment # 6.

Post a comment answering the following three questions:

1. Your friend is a big fan of the Steelers. Using the data and calculations that you did from the individual assignment this week, are the Steelers within one SD of the average number of sacks in 2021 for the AFC? Explain why or why not.

2. Your friend thinks that the Steelers were sacked a lot in the 2021 season. Is your friend right about this claim? Why or why not? Use your answer from the previous question to justify your response to this question.

3. Based on the data provided for the number of sacks, which team do you think is the worst team in the NFC? How about in the AFC? Why you think so? Explain your answers. Base your answers ONLY on the data provided. 

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