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Week 6 dq2 response 6 449

Aishla Martinez

As a profession focusing on hope and humanity, social work undoubtedly aligns with the hope and restoration philosophy which pronounces that through respect and love, societies, communities, and families could be brought together again. Social workers strive to build and offer hope to the individuals that the challenges they are encountering could be fixed. Most clients find solace in hope, and thus a good social worker should restore the lost hope to their clients. In situations where I find my faith orientation and that of my client do not align, I will ensure that I deploy self-regulation and awareness to make sure that our differences don’t affect the client (Bank, 2008). As a professional and a humanitarian, I would ensure I show empathy while engaging with them, allow them to open up without interruptions, and give my suggestions at last. I will refrain from imposing any suggestions on them. In direct practice, I would use leading questions to show interest in what the client is saying. Besides, I could use some humor to lighten the situation in cases when the client may seem not to agree.

Banks, S. (2008). Critical commentary: Social work ethics. The British Journal of Social Work, 38(6), 1238-1249.

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