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The first part of this assessment requires the student to pull together the internship experience into a reflective report that should be based on a learning log. This will include a reflection on the student’s internship experience and how the student has been able to apply the knowledge and understanding from studies at César Ritz Colleges. This assessment requires the student to submit a portfolio of learning of 3000 words excluding appendices.
The student word count starts from the introduction and finishes after the conclusions
. The student must adhere to the word count of 3000 words. Plus 10% or minus will be accepted. Anything above or below will result in a deduction.

The format and content of the report should follow the following guidelines.

1. Cover Page

The report is a global representation of the Internship and as such it requires a Cover Page which will include the following elements:

· The name and address of the internship employer

· Position held, department and dates of employment

· Name, student number and program

· Report Word Count

2. Table of Contents

This presents the major sections of the report with pagination.

3. Introduction (word count 500 words)

The introduction should include the following elements:

· Give a description of the establishment’s facilities, location and reference

to ownership, using the following guidelines:

· Describe the type of induction the student received on arrival.

· General description of the hotel/restaurant – brief history, classification, extent of service.

· Clientele segmentation –business, leisure, domestic, international. Include a breakdown of these segments including how they varied during the training period.

· Market position held and type of food served by the establishment.

· Strengths and weaknesses of the establishment

4. Body of Content (2000 words)
This represents the central focus of the Internship. The body of the report must include

the following information and linked to the appendices – please follow this structure:

a) Responsibilities and Tasks (the position within the establishment)
Write a short job description for own position, encompassing the responsibilities and tasks. Highlight the positive and negative aspects of the work.

b) Organisational Aspects and Structure of the Department within the Establishment

· Give an overview of the hierarchy and structure of the establishment from a human resources perspective. Create an ‘Organisation chart’.

· Identify how the establishment controls stock inventories and exercises security systems.

· Describe the establishment’s policy on the uniform worn by staff in each department and comment on the policies in regard to grooming and personal appearance.

· What differentiates this establishment from its competition? Focus on the products and services offered?

· Customer and Employee satisfaction in the department the student worked in – how is this achieved?

c) Other Relevant Issues – Critical reflection

· What situations arose whilst in contact with co-workers and how did the

student handle those that became problems?

· Discuss whether the student encountered difficulties with language and/or

culture and describe how the student overcame those difficulties.

· Any other issues pertinent to the work experience; areas that the student

feel need improvement, and why.

· Evaluate the own work behaviour by completing the reflection on skills in

the conclusions in order to formulate suggestions about how the student could improve the performance in order to meet the future career objectives.


5. Conclusion (500 words)

Provide an evaluation of the internship experience, discussing the work environment and the knowledge and understanding gained by reflecting on the achievement of the key skills identified, at the beginning of the module, and below.
How did the student:

· Deal with directed routine operations, within limited guidelines but with some autonomy;

· Use a range of technical equipment and systems;

· Choose from a specified range of appropriate tools and techniques and use them

for the accomplishment of simple tasks;

· Handle material and equipment in a safe way;

· Manage own roles and responsibility by planning and organising tasks under


· Relate to and interact effectively with individuals and groups;

· Start to recognise own strengths and weaknesses;

· Transfer skills gained to new and changing situations and contexts;

· Show a positive and enthusiastic attitude to work;

· Propose to improve the performance in the future to meet the career objectives.

6. Appendices

The student should include a few relevant appendices that will support the body of the report and these should be referenced appropriately.

Please use the assessment criteria provided in the marking grid to ensure that the student cover the areas where marks will be allocated – note that not all criteria are weighted the same.



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