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MGT 4193

Essay Questions

Chapter 5, 6, 8, 9

Please include at least one outside source when answering
question. An outside source is another source other than your text. Please adhere to APA format when completing this assignment. Please include a cover page in accordance with APA format, show your outside sources as in-text citations within the answers, and provide a list of the used outside sources as references at the end of the document. Please remember to number each question. Finally, on all assignments, do not use word-for-word from the text or direct quote. Please paraphrase your answers in an explanatory fashion. Use examples to validate and support your comments!

1. You are in a negotiation with an individual that is selling his home. Ten days ago, you both tentatively and orally agreed to a price and a closing date. Five days ago, the seller began to use distributive tactics or “dirty tricks claiming he may not go through with it. In this case, how do you deal with the seller that is using distributive tactics or dirty tricks?

2. (a) Carr argues that strategy in business is analogous to strategy in a game of poker? How is this the case?

(b) Carr also argues that being deceptive is part of the game in business. From an ethical perspective, is Carr correct? What is your opinion?

3. (a) A key issue in perception and negotiation is framing. What is framing? (b) How are frames critical in negotiations? Provide an illustration of framing.

4. Today car-buying customers can enter negotiation armed with accurate facts and figures about a car. Describe how car buyers felt before the age of the Internet.

5. You have been in business for about 15 years and have an outstanding reputation in the auto parts industry. You had a good relationship with your clients. In fact, it is such a good relationship that your clients always pay the delivery person in cash. Within the last month, you have learned that your part-time delivery person has been deceptive in selling the parts to your three largest clients. The delivery person was marking up the price by 30%. This has created many problems but one that you are really concerned about is your reputation. How do you go about repairing your negative reputation?

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