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Title Change strategy and implementation

Develop a data table that illustrates one or more underperforming clinical outcomes in a care environment of your choice. Write an assessment 3 pages in which you set one or more quantitative goals for the outcomes and propose a change plan that is designed to help you achieve the goals.


The challenge facing many care environments and health care practitioners is how to plan for change and implement changes. For, if we cannot effectively implement changes in practice or procedure, then our goals of improving care will likely amount to nothing. This assessment focuses on allowing you to practice locating, assessing, analyzing, and implementing change strategies in order to improve patient outcomes related to one or more clinical goals.

This assessment will take the form of a data table to identify areas for improvement and to set one or more outcome goals, as well as a narrative describing a change plan that would help you to achieve the goals you have set.


The assessment will be based on one or more outcomes that you would like to see improve. Think about experiences you have had working on setting goals for outcomes or using data to identify areas of need. Part of achieving your goal will be your ability to implement change in pursuit of improving outcomes. The Vila Health: Using Evidence to Drive Improvement simulation may be helpful in this regard.

· Where do you look for resources and evidence to help you get started when treating a specific condition?

· Where do you look for resources and evidence to help you get started when setting clinical goals?

. When there are no guidelines or policies for setting clinical goals, where do you look for resources and evidence to help you get started?

· How do you use these resources and evidence to begin constructing evidence-based treatment, or developing evidence-based goals?

· What data do you plan to use as a basis for setting improved outcome goals?

. What care environment do you envision using as the context of your assessment?

. How would change models, strategies, or theories need to be applied to help ensure achievement of your outcome goals?

. Which change models, strategies, or theories seem to be the best fit for your goals and environments. Why?


Consider the current environment. This could be your current care setting, the care settings presented in the Vila Health: Using Evidence to Drive Improvement or a care setting in which you are interested in working.

For the setting that you choose you will need to have a data set that depicts sub-optimal outcomes related to a clinical issue. This data could be from existing sources in the course (Vila Health: Using Evidence to Drive Improvement), a relevant data set that already exists (a data set from the case study you used as a basis for your Concept Map assessment, or from your current place of practice), or an appropriate data set that you have created yourself. (Note: if you choose to create your own data set, check with your instructor first for approval and guidance.)

After you have selected an appropriate data set, use your understanding of the data to create at least one realistic goal (though you may create more) that will be driven by a change strategy appropriate for the environment and goal.

Potential topics for this assessment could be:

· Consider ways to help minimize the rate of secondary infections related to the condition, disease, or disorder that you focused on for your Concept Map assessment. As a starting point you could ask yourself, “What could be changed to facilitate safety and minimize risks of infection?”

· Consider how to help a patient experiencing traumatic stress or anxiety over hospitalization. As a starting point you could ask yourself, “How could the care environment be changed to enhance coping?”

Once you determine the change you would like to make, consider the following:

· What data will you use to justify the change?

· How can the team achieve this change with a reasonable cost?

· What are the effects on the workplace?

· What other implementation considerations do you need to consider to ensure that the change strategy is successful?

· How does your change strategy address all aspects of the Quadruple Aim, especially the well-being of health care professionals?

· Once the change strategy is implemented, how would you evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the care system if the desired outcomes are met?


· Develop a data table that accurately reflects the current and desired states of one or more clinical outcomes.

· Propose change strategies that will help to achieve the desired state of one or more clinical outcomes.

· Justify the specific change strategies used to achieve desired outcomes.

· Explain how change strategies will lead to quality improvement with regard to safety and equitable care.

· Explain how change strategies will utilize interprofessional considerations to ensure successful implementation.

· Communicate the change plan in a way that makes the data and rationale easily understood and compelling.

· Integrate relevant sources to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style.

Additional Requirements

· Length of submission: 3 double-spaced, typed pages, not including the title and reference pages. Your plan should be succinct yet substantive.

· Number of references: Cite a minimum of 3-5 sources of scholarly or professional evidence that supports your goal setting, proposed change strategies, quality improvement, and interprofessional considerations. Resources should be no more than five years old.

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